Our very own ‘once upon a time’

My career started in graphic design, production management, and visual merchandising. With a love of paper and printing and a passion for graphic design, launching my own event stationery business had always been a dream. I knew I wanted my brand to be boutique and luxurious with the highest quality products available. I also wanted it to be affordable.

That’s exactly what I chose to create in 2020.

We launched, we grew, we thrived. Eventually I realised that I wanted to offer my customers even more.

I’ve always had a keen eye for quality, and it was a point of pride within my business. If we were going to start selling other products (like wax seals), they simply had to be high quality, modern, and beautiful.

I struggled to find an Australian supplier who had the right products to suit my vision, with the level of quality I needed, and that complemented our modern, fresh designs. 

As these stories often go, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Calling on my skills as a graphic designer and a production manager, I went about sourcing manufacturers myself and started designing the first range of wax seal

 Sea + Paper Creative Studio was born.

I’m proud to say that Sea & Paper is 100% Australian owned and truly exists for the customer. All our designs are exclusive and created in-house. Now, Australians can find high quality, unique, charming boutique stationery and accessories all in one place. 


Why do we specialise in wax sealing?

When I was searching for wax seals to add to the store, it quickly became clear that the Australian market was significantly lacking. It was difficult to find anything high quality, modern, and ideal for the ‘DIY’ creative. It was important that our range included products to use at home, as well as pre-made items.

I individually design each Sea & Paper wax seal stamp in our Melbourne studio. Every single one is made with superior materials and finishes, and is then quality tested for durability, craftsmanship, and ease-of-use. We provide the largest range of wax sealing accessories, designed for everybody to easily use at home. We also understand that people are often time poor or lacking in confidence. That’s why our range also includes wax seals that are already handmade, self-adhesive, and ready-to-use. 


Where are we now and where we are going?

October 2021 saw us move into our very first commercial space in Eltham, Melbourne. This has allowed us to expand our warehouse and offer more exciting products. We also now have a team who take pride in designing, producing, packing, and assembling the items in our range.

 In May of 2022, our very own showroom will be opened to provide brides, grooms, event planners, DIYers, and stationery lovers the opportunity to view, touch, and fully experience our products in person. Our showroom will also provide opportunities to view and purchase exclusive items not released online.


Here at Sea + Paper, we are passionate about what we do and look forward to what the next chapter will bring.

Thanks for following along with our journey.

 Sophie & the Sea + Paper Team x