Custom Christmas Wax Seal Stamp


Brass Wax Seal Stamp - Custom Christmas Stamps 
Perfect for personalising your Christmas Cards & Gifts over the holiday season! 

Brass stamp head size: 25mm
Available with a wooden handle, or brass stamp head in a Gift Box or in a Stamp & Spoon Gift Set

Design Options
Template Design: Choose from our 8 Template Designs
Supplied Design: Your own design supplied to us in PDF or JPEG format
Custom Design: If you would like us to create a Custom Design for you

Production time
Please note production time for Custom Wax Seal Stamps is approximately 3-6 weeks.

If you require us to custom design your stamp, please allow up to 5 business days for a design to be sent through to you for approval.

Stamp & Spoon Gift Set
Option to have your stamp in one of our Linen Gift Sets which includes a Gold Melting Spoon!

For any questions regarding designs or lead times, please email us: 

Customer Reviews

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Sammie B
Not sure why we waited so long to get a custom stamp

We couldn't be more pleased with our custom stamp for holiday cards. I really appreciated that we had so many templates to choose from and that Sea and Paper was so quick to get our proof back for review/approval. I have had my eye on a custom stamp with our last name for a while and this Christmas collection was enough to push us to do so. Absolutely no fault to Sea and Paper but if you are having something shipped to the US, it does take a bit of time via the mail but so worth the wait (thank you Sea and Paper for shipping to the US)