Add personality to Christmas gift wrapping with Wax Seals

There is nothing better than gifting someone the perfect sought-after token, chosen with love just for them. At Sea and Paper, we believe that your gift wrapping deserves the same level of love, attention and indulgence as the gift that lays within.

These beautiful details are our speciality, and we provide the creative tools for elevating every gift you wrap this season. Christmas gift wrapping with wax seals

Wax seals to elevate your gift wrapping

Wax seals have not only proven their effortless and timeless charm — they have also proven their versatility. Below are five of our favourite ways to incorporate wax seals into gift wrapping:

  • Secure your wrapping paper with a wax seal. This timeless trick is easy, simple and classic for a very memorable reason.
  • Use the wax seal to attach a card or gift tag onto your gift box. You can tuck three-quarters of the card into the wrapping paper, then seal the top, creating a hidden pocket.
  • For those hard-to-wrap gifts, use your wax seal as a charm. Simply place a small hole in the wax, then secure to your gift with twine or string. For wine bottles, we recommend placing the custom seal directly onto the label, adding a unique, memorable touch.
  • For a modern, minimalistic look, pair neutral packing paper with floral fetti by placing the floral fetti under your wax seal. This adds an elegant touch, and its elevated simplicity stands out from traditional gift wrapping.
  • A little bit of everything will be a crowd favourite this season. Interlock silk ribbon or twine around your gift, place our floral fetti in the centre, then secure it all with your custom wax seal.

Wax Seal gift wrapping for Christmas Gifts


Let the details do the talking this Christmas

 This Christmas, there is no better way to give memorable gifts than by creating your own gift tags. Designed specially for you, your friends and family will feel all the love when receiving a gift that is presented as beautifully as what’s inside.


Not only do we have DIY gift tags for Christmas, we also have Christmas inspired wax seal gift tags. This small but mighty detail on your cards and gifts bring a cohesive and memorable touch to the whole day, truly making this Christmas unforgettable.

 Christmas gift tags with wax seals

A shortcut to gorgeous wrapping

 If you don’t have the time to dedicate to intricate gift wrapping — especially in the midst of last minute gift shopping — we offer a sophisticated solution.

Our premium Sage & Gold Foil Gift Boxes feature a sage green exterior, kissed with gold foil, sealed with white silk ribbon and gift tag. These boxes give the gift of ease, and are bound to shine under the tree this year.

 Christmas Gift Boxes

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