Level up your holiday season with Custom Christmas Stamps

Personalise every holiday card with a custom Christmas wax seal.

The sweetest thing about Christmas is making each package, envelope and gift undeniably special for both giver and recipient. When all thoughtful details are considered, and time is spent selecting, buying and creating something just for them, we feel the warm-fuzzies as we get to show our appreciation for our loved ones.

Thoughtful wrapping, beautiful ribbon and coordinated envelopes go a long way in the presentation of your gifts, letters and cards — but there is a way to take it one step further, making sure each gift represents you to the fullest.

Our Custom Christmas Stamps can be added to stationery, wrapping and envelopes of all kinds for an extra special touch on every loving gift.


Choose from 12 template designs

Getting started with a beautiful custom Christmas stamp is easy with your choice of 12 template designs. Each holiday-themed pattern contains a spot for your family name, along with adorable icons and decorations to bring extra Christmas cheer.

The process is easy:

  • When shopping for our Custom Christmas Wax Seal Stamp, choose Template Design.
  • Select a design from Options 1 to 6, then customise further with your choice of Font A or B.
  • Choose your package from our beautiful selection of stamp handles, gift boxes, and gift sets.
  • Add initials, surnames, and/or notes in the information box.
  • Sit back and allow us work to our magic, and soon your custom Christmas stamp will arrive at your door!


Create your own custom Christmas stamp

If you’d like to customise your Christmas stamp one step further, we have two easy options for creating your own custom Christmas stamp.

The first is to supply us with your preferred design. Our Custom Christmas Wax Seal Stamp page offers a Supplied option, so you can supply us with a JPEG or PDF file of your chosen design. Leave the rest to us!

 If you’re in need of a custom design from scratch, our Custom option will suit you best. When you choose this option on our Custom Christmas Wax Seal Stamp page, we will create a custom stamp design for you! Simply provide us with details in the comment box, then allow up to five business days for the design to be sent to you for approval. Production time after approval is approximately three to six weeks, so plan ahead for a very merry Christmas time.

Where to use your custom Christmas stamp

As with all of our wax seal stamps, the possibilities for creative use are endless. Here are some of our favourite ways to use custom Christmas stamps:

  • Seal your envelopes with a holiday-themed kiss
  • Send holiday party invitations with a custom stamp accent
  • Add a Christmas stamp to beautiful gift wrapping
  • Adorn Christmas cards with your family name
  • Stamp gift bag tags
  • Add a wax seal to place card tags at the holiday dinner table
  • Send thank you notes with your custom touch


We can’t wait to see your creative stamp ideas come to life this holiday season!

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