Sealed with a kiss: Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Everything comes down to the details, and when the details are beautiful, the delivery becomes unforgettable.

At Sea and Paper, we offer custom made wax seal stamps, allowing you to seal each letter with a personalised kiss. This impressive detail is perfect atop event stationary, wedding invitations, company letters, and much more, and it makes a wonderful custom gift for the creative in your life.

Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Keepsake event stationery

For keepsake event stationery, including the most important days of your life — such as engagement parties and weddings — our Customised Initial Wax Seal Stamps are an eye-catching choice. With an elegant design featuring custom initials, adding the wax seal to your stationary provides a personal touch that will delight your guests.

After the event, your wax seal stamp lives on as a keepsake, as you continue to use it for years to come.

Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Brand logos

Beautifully branded business material makes all the difference. For company and corporate documents, invitations, letters and gifts, a custom branded stamp adds an extra special touch.

Simply provide us with your company logo, and we will design a wax seal stamp accordingly. This takes your branding, packaging, and promotional items to the next unforgettable level, as the branded wax seal adds a sophisticated, thoughtful touch to all communications.


Gifting for creatives

A personalised gift is the best way to show them how well you know them — and what better gift for the hands-on creative than a custom wax seal stamp?

We offer our best custom wax seal stamps to suit each individual style. Design their initials, or choose their favourite quote, icon, emblem or design. From now on, they can send their stationary topped with a seal that represents them perfectly.


DIY style

DIY lovers: it’s easy to get creative with our Wax Seal Beginner Kit. Craft all of the above (and more) with our kit that includes everything you need, from sealing wax to the wax melt burner, and every tool in between. Be aware that creating custom wax seals is an addictive craft!

 Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Created for you

There is no requirement to learn the art of creating custom seals — our most popular service is done-for-you custom design. We will create all of the above custom seals for you, and more. Contact us if you have a unique idea to bring to life as a custom wax seal.

The details:

  • We can use your custom designed stamp to create Self-Adhesive Wax Seals, perfect for branding, wedding invitations, and more.
  • Initial Stamp Templates are available to choose from online.
  • We can customise 25mm, 15mm and oval shape wax seal stamps.
  • Production timing is approximately 3-6 weeks.
  • Please check with us before placing an order for logos and custom designs.


Click here to shop our range of Custom Wax Seal Stamps, or get in touch with us for custom designs.

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