Hot Foil Print vs. Digital Metallic Print

We have two beautiful methods of printing metallic colours on event stationery and invitations. This takes your stationery to the next level with a desirable touch of shine and luxe.

We offer two main options for achieving this look, each with their own look, feel, and benefits: hot stamp foiling and digital metallic ink.


What is hot stamp foiling?

Hot stamp foiling uses a custom-made zinc plate, crafted according to your design. This hot foil is then stamped or pressed across the invitations or stationery by hand, one by one. This creates a mirrored, shiny finish that is slightly pressed or embossed into the card stock. Hot stamp foiling is a premium option with texture that is sure to impress your recipients.

There are over 10 colours to choose from when using Hot Stamp Foiling, which can pair with all paper card stocks and can even be used on Acrylic Invitations!


What is digital metallic ink?

Digital metallic ink is printed just like white or coloured ink — directly onto the card. This offers a metallic finish, rather than a mirrored or shiny finish like the hot foil stamp. Digital metallic ink is the more cost-effective option, and it allows you to customise guest names.

Digital Metallic Ink is available in Gold & Silver. These colours work with most card stocks, but it might be best to chat with us first to ensure the colours will work with your card choices.

Which should I choose?

Both options for printing in silver and gold are beautiful and eye-catching. The option that suits you best will vary according to the quality you seek, your budget, the project timeline, and other considerations.

If premium quality stationery with impressive detailing is your top consideration, hot stamp foiling is your match.

  • Hot stamp foiling uses a custom designed zinc plate, which is then pressed across the invitations one by one for a beautiful, premium finish.
  • Digital metallic ink is printed like white or coloured ink, directly onto card.

 If budget is your consideration, digital metallic ink is most cost effective.

  • Hot stamp folding is the higher-end option (though very worthwhile!), with additional costs of approximately $450-550 depending on the area you would like foiled, as this will determine the size of the zinc plate needed.
  • Digital metallic ink is the most cost effective option for printing silver and gold, with additional costs of approximately $90.

If timeliness is your consideration, digital metallic ink is the best choice — though with plenty of time ahead of you, both options can be fantastic.

  • The processing time for hot stamp foiling is 10 to 15 business days.
  • The processing time for digital metallic ink is 5 to 9 business days.


Other considerations include:

  • Digital metallic ink is best used on dark coloured cards.
  • Digital metallic ink allows you to customise guest names.
  • Hot stamp foiling is the more luxurious, premium option.
  • Hot stamp foiling provides the most intense metallic look, using real foil instead of ink.
  • Hot stamp foiling is more durable, with a longer lifespan, making it the best choice for keepsakes.


No matter which option you choose, we puts ink (and foil) to stationery in a way that is beautiful, impressive, and always unforgettable.


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