How to elevate birthday gift wrapping with wax seals!

Big day coming up for someone special? Show them how much they mean to you with a personalised gift — not only through what lies inside, but by wrapping the present so thoughtfully. 

The key to an impressive gift wrap is in the pieces you choose. Honest Paper offers a beautiful gift wrapping selection, so you can find the perfect paper for each recipient; something that made you think of them, and will make them smile. These special designs aren’t found just anywhere — they will be unique to you.

Sea & Paper are specialists in wax seal stamps, offering a wide range of design and customisation options. Choose colours, styles, and designs, then add your logo or custom text. Seal every envelope and gift with a personalised kiss — a special touch your recipient will always remember. Gift wrapping with twine and wax seals

Honest Paper and Sea & Paper are two peas in a creative, stationery-loving pod; it’s no wonder our products come together so beautifully. Here’s how to elevate your gift wrapping with wax seal stamps.

Step 1: Wrap your gift

Gift wrapping with twine and wax seals
Once you’ve chosen your favourite gift wrapping from Honest Paper’s selection, build a beautiful foundation for your gift by wrapping it tightly and neatly. For a polished look, try these tips:

  • Measure your paper before you begin.
  • Wrap tight. High quality paper is best for this, as you can pull it taut without tearing.
  • Secure the paper to the box with tape.
  • Hide the tape you use.
  • Fold exposed edges.
  • Don’t stop there! Move on to the finishing touches for an impressive final look.


Step 2: Add twine or ribbon

Birthday gift wrapping with wax seals

Whether you prefer earthy twine or elegant ribbon, no gift is complete without a bow on top. Here’s how to achieve the perfect tie.

  • Drape the ribbon or twine horizontally across the top of the box.
  • Pull the rest of the ribbon under the box.
  • Loop one side of the ribbon around the other.
  • Pull back up, vertically, over the top of the box. Tie.
  • Wrap around the box several times with twine to create the style you see here!


Step 3: Set up your wax sealing station

Birthday gift wrapping with wax seals and twine

The process of wax sealing is fun and calming, and makes the perfect cozy craft night. Set up your wax sealing station, including a burner, spoon and tea light candle.


Step 4: Choose your wax seal stamp

Gift wrapping with wax seals

Pick your favourite wax seal stamp from your collection. Custom with your initials? Branded with your company logo? Kissed with a happy birthday message? Choose the one your recipient will appreciate most.

If you don’t have wax seal stamps in your collection just yet, Sea & Paper is the best place to create your own. We offer everything you need to get started — including all the required accessories for your wax sealing station.

Browse all Wax Seal Stamps here 

Step 5: Melt your sealing wax

Birthday gift wrapping with wax sealsMelt your sealing wax in a spoon over your burner. Choose a sealing wax colour to compliment your gift wrapping and twine!

 Browse all Sealing Wax Colours here

Step 6: Pour warm wax Birthday gift wrapping with wax seals and twine

Gently pour the warm wax over the twine or ribbon — the spot where it comes together in the middle, or a place of your choosing. Get creative and crafty; the possibilities are endless.


Step 7: Stamp with your wax seal stamp

Gift wrapping with wax seals and twineStamp the warm wax with your wax seal stamp. Use pressure to seal the twine to the gift wrap. Along with being a beautiful finishing touch, the wax seal keeps everything in its right place.


Step 8: Reveal your wax seal Birthday gifts wrapped with twine and wax seals

Gently remove the wax seal stamp to reveal your wax seal. Are you feeling a moment of delight? Your recipient will, too! 

Shop wrapping paper and wax seal stamps

We all have creative energy brimming inside us. If wrapping gorgeous gifts is your favourite way to get crafty, you’re in the right place. Visit Honest Paper to elevate your wrapping paper options, then choose Sea & Paper for the finishing touch. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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