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Our simple tips for keeping your wedding invitations affordable.

Wedding Invitations in beige neutrals and sage green
Your wedding day is, for many, a day you’ve been dreaming about for years. For us, we believe wedding season is the best season! From the dress to the venue, right down to the invites for a gorgeous first impression, your wedding should be showered with stunning elements and unique pieces of you.


These days, beautiful weddings can bring a not-so-beautiful price tag, particularly through today’s rising prices. If you’re looking for a more affordable outlet for your big day — and dreamiest vision — Sea and Paper’s elegant solutions can help.

At Sea and Paper, we uphold the standard that you should never to sacrifice beauty for affordability. Below are tips and tricks that will help you create your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

Affordable wedding invitations at Sea and Paper

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse everyone has of your wedding. It sets the stage for an unforgettable day shared with your friends and family.

Work with us to craft beautiful, memorable stationary at a price that suits your wedding budget. Here’s how:

  • Our wide selection of wedding invitations includes more than 30 card and envelope colours to choose from. Not only are the customisations suited to you and your wedding, but these adjustments come at no additional cost.
    This means, you can choose a coloured card for the same price as a white card!
  • Choose black ink! This is your cheapest option and has a timeless look. To use a coloured ink, white ink, or Digital Gold or Silver ink, will cost extra
  • A set of 100 invitations with black ink and envelopes will cost you less than your morning coffee per set. At only $4.35 per set, these subtle wins make a noticeable differences in your wedding budget without sacrificing on colours or quality.
  • Additionally, we can print further information on the reverse side of your invitation for only $70.00, preventing you from needing to purchase a separate card just for wedding details.
  • We can print QR codes onto your invitation. This helps guests find the wedding website and leads them to RSVP online. This can also be a space saving (and therefore cost saving) measure, as details available on the website will no longer need to be printed on the card.
  • For the brides and grooms with plenty of guests, we have bulk discounted prices available — therefore, you won’t need to surrender any part of your special day just to meet your budget.
  • On our website, our prices are clear and easy to understand. With various pricing options available, we are transparent with what you are paying for and what you will receive. Just start selecting and customising to create the wedding invitations of your dreams!

Understanding that weddings can add up quickly is essential, but knowing your options is the best way to ensure get your dream wedding with no unnecessary costs or hassle.
Black and white wedding invitations and a rainbow of envelope colours

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