Embossing stamps: Our magic new personlised tool

We love anything that sparks creativity in endless ways (especially when it’s chic and customisable, too). If you’re like us, you’re going to love our newest stationery tool. It’s one of our most versatile yet!

Custom Embossing Stamps

Introducing our customisable embossing stamps

Embossing stamps are a tool that create an embossed impression in paper or stationery. Without using ink or wax, they press down the pages to lay down a distinct design, customised by you.

Embossing stamps by Sea and Paper can be customised to suit any monogram, letters, logo or design. They can be used on all paper products up to 350 GSM in weight — meaning there are so many creative ways to use them! 


Easy Assembly instructions for your Embossing Stamp

Your Embossing Stamp will arrive in a compact container and in 2 pieces. Follow the below video on how to easy and correctly assemble and use your Embossing Stamp. Ensure your volume is up while we talk through the assembly process! 

 Popular ways to use embossing stamps

Embossing stamps were created for traditional stationery, and they can elevate your invitations, cards and letters in an entirely new way. The most popular uses for embossing stamps are: 

  • Wedding and event invitations. Emboss your logo onto invitations as a more budget-friendly alternative to production embossing.
  • All of your paper stationery. Use this tool to add your unique touch to stationery items such as invitations, envelopes, menus and thank you cards.
  • Business cards. This is a beautiful, personalised touch that takes business cards to the next level — and it’s the perfect use for your brand logo.
  • Blank stickers. To add extra functionality to your embossing, purchase blank stickers and emboss them to enhance your packaging.
  • Original artwork. Whichever your medium may be, embossing adds your signature without harming your artwork, as there are no inks or paints involved.
  • Personal Libraries. Emboss the first page of each book of your personal library for if you loan your books out, or as keepsakes.

 Embossing Stamps and Embossed Envelopes

Creative uses for embossing stamps

The Sea and Paper community is a creative one, and we love to be inspired by the crafty ideas of our clients. Below are our favourite creative ways we’ve seen embossing stamps used:

  • If you’re a book-lender, stamp the pages of your favourite books with a sentimental “from the library of…” impression. As a bonus, it helps ensure your books return to their rightful owner!
  • If you’re hosting at home or own a venue, use embossing stamps to stamp your toilet paper. This extra special touch elevates the atmosphere and brings a smile to the faces of your guests.
  • Stamp gift wrapping. Your embossing stamp is perfectly placed in the corner of each gift, or stamped upon the gift tags. Never again will they wonder who it’s from!

 Embossed Envelopes for wedding invitations

Shop our range of Embossing Stamps

We have both customisable and pre-designed embossing stamps for you to choose from. Our selection includes:

View our full collection of embossing stamps here, and be sure to show us how you get creative with it!

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