Unwrap excitement with Invitation Folders

Our newest invitation folders are available now.

Classic card-shaped invitations are timeless and beautiful, but when you have more exciting information to give, you may need more stationary.

 Invitation folders are a beautiful innovation that allow for vastly more space, with room to fit all the important details: event information, dates and times, loving welcome messages, and much more.

What do invitation folders look like?

Instead of the traditional one-card format, invitation folders arrive folded and can be sealed with either Wax Seals, Silk Ribbons or Paperclips. On the outside lays an introductory message: for example, the names of future husband and wife, along with the most special date. Recipients will then unfold your invitation, opening up to a beautiful two-page invitation with all the details they need.

Invitation folders offer the compact size of a traditional invitation, with nearly three times more space for writing. This keeps all the essential details on one card — rather than sending multiple pieces to your invitees, which can become disorienting. Invitation folders solve this issue with an elegant folding approach, impressing guests with a stunning delivery.

Wedding invitation folder with wax seals

Customise your invitation folders

Our collection of invitation folders includes many elegant shapes and designs. Choose from a wide range of card colours and envelopes, then personalise the text to offer all the exciting details.

Our customisation options include:

  • Quantity and design suite
  • Card colour with 30+ options
  • Envelope colour with 30+ options
  • Font printing options, including black, coloured or white ink
  • Digital gold or silver ink
  • Double sided printing
  • Endless customisation for wording

Simply click this link to get started.

 Wedding invitation folder with silk ribbon bellybands

Plan ahead for invitation folders with Sea and Paper

As your invitation folders will be highly customised through Sea and Paper, we recommend the following guidelines to plan ahead, ensuring enough production time to make your vision come to life: 

  • Design time is 1 to 4 business days, after which we will send proofs for approval.
  • Production time is 5 to 7 business days. Assembly, if needed, takes an additional 1 to 4 business days.
  • Delivery is 1 to 4 business days, with Melbourne pick up welcome.

If you have further questions about customising your invitation folders with Sea and Paper, please get in touch with us through this link.

Wedding invitation folder with custom initial wax seals

Details to complete the look

To complete the look of your stunning invitation folders, we recommend the following additions:

  • Silk ribbons delicately tied around the folded invitation. This offers an extra beautiful unwrapping experience, just like opening a special gift.
  • Custom wax seals to seal each invitation with a personalised kiss. Choose from a Wax Seal Kit or Self Adhesive Wax Seals.
  • Choose from our range of modern Paperclips for the most simple way of keeping your folders closed

Wedding invitation folder with custom initial wax seals

Shop invitation folders for your special day

We are currently featuring three sophisticated shapes of invitation folders:

  • The One opens vertically and is read from left to right
  • Take Me Away is opened from the middle and read top to bottom
  • Forever Love is an elegant rounded design, opening from the top

From the first moment, invitation folders show recipients they are receiving something truly extraordinary.

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