DIY Bridal Party Boxes - Assembly Guide

Bridal Party DIY Customised Proposal Boxes

After being approached by so many brides looking for a perfect wrapping solution for their Bridal Party Proposals, we've put together the most elegant DIY packaging for you to fill with your own curated gifts! Bridal Party DIY Proposal Customised Boxes

We have created two different options to choose from - Our Floral and Citrus Bridal Party Boxes. Both can be either assembled by yourself following the below guides, or we can assemble them for you.


How to assemble our DIY Bridal Party Boxes

Step 1: Fold all pre-scored creases of the flat box. The end panels get scored in the opposite direction

Step 2: On the longer panels, fold in the side panels to meet in the middle. These will hook into the opposite side to form the box shape

Step 3: Hook both side panels in and fold over the outer edge to hold them together to complete the box

Video tutorial on Box Assembly:

How to assemble with Ribbons/Florals & Ribbons/Citrus

You will be supplied all of the accessories to wrap your boxes. If you select the assembly option, we will complete these steps for you!


For our Citrus version, you will be supplied with Silk Ribbon, Dried Orange & Double Sided Tape to use for assembly.


For our Floral version, you will be supplied with Silk Ribbon & White Dried Florals


Gifting ideas

You can fill these boxes with a range of beautiful gifts for your bridal party! From cosmetics to stationery, these are the perfect size for any small gifts.

DIY Bridal Party boxes customised with names

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