Bridal Wax Seal Kit


Production Time

Please note that this Kit includes a Custom Wax Seal Stamp with a production time of 3-6 weeks


This bridal wax seal kit provides an easy, personal, cost-effective, and exquisite way to seal your bridal stationery with love. All items are lovingly packaged in a gold foiled gift box, perfect for gifting or keeping your products safe.

 The Bridal Wax Seal Kit includes:

  • 1 custom designed wax seal stamp
  • Gold melting spoon 
  • Stamp & Spoon Gift Set Box
  • 2 x jars of sealing wax in your colour choices
  • Wax melt burner
  • Our Original Maker’s Mat

How to make Wax Seals

Ready our easy step-by-step guide on How To Make Wax Seals here


    • Wax beads should be kept away from children
    • Wax Burner copper plate becomes very hot while using. Do not touch.
    • Wax Spoons become very hot while using. Do not touch the heated end while in use.