Wax Seal Stamp - Santa Wreath


Brass Wax Seal Stamp - Santa Wreath

Brass stamp head: 25mm
Sealing Wax Colour featured in image: Olive, Green, Snow White, Moss & Ruby 

Packaging Options
Available with a wooden handle, or brass stamp head in a Gift Box

Gift Set
Option to have this stamp in one of our Linen Gift Box Sets which includes a Gold Melting Spoon!

Gift Wrapping
Add a special touch to your gift giving this year with Gift Wrapping

Sealing Wax
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How to make Wax Seals
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Customer Reviews

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Merry Christmas!

A great stamp to use to seal all those Christmas letters and gifts. I swear, every time I give someone a gift or card, they're more interested in the wax seal than in the present! Not that I mind, they're so darn cute!