Elevate your gift wrapping with Wax Seals

Elevate your gift-giving experience this festive season by indulging in the art of beautifully wrapped presents. Like you, we take immense pleasure in meticulously selecting the ideal wrapping paper, coordinating ribbons, and adding that perfect finishing touch – a heartfelt kiss (wax seal that is).
At Sea and Paper we understand the magic lies in the details. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Festive Wax Seals, designed to infuse your gifts with an aura of elegance and nostalgia. But why stop there? Our Festive Wax Seals take the Christmas charm a step further. Imagine embellishing your Christmas cards and personalised gifts with intricate, festive designs that evoke a sense of tradition and warmth.
So, if you share our passion for exquisite gift-giving, dive into the world of Christmas Wax Seals and let your presents tell a story of thoughtfulness and sophistication. 


Elevate your gift wrapping with Wax Seals

Perhaps the simplest but most effective touch to elevate your wrapped gifts.
Nothing says more than a custom wax seal from the heart.

Items to help elevate your wrapping this Festive Season:

A shortcut to gorgeous wrapping!
Kissed with gold foil and sealed with silk ribbon and gift tag, add on Gift
Wrapping to any purchase for just $9.95.

Visit our Melbourne Showroom and receive FREE Gift wrapping on your purchases!

Let's get creative together in our Christmas Workshops!

Our Christmas Workshops are full of our unique and fun ways to use wax seals to enhance your gift wrapping, including the use of twine, florals, glitter, cards, gift tags and linen gift bags! 

Our Christmas Workshops are running throughout November & December in our Eltham Showroom.


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