Make Wax Seals easily at home with Wax Sealing Kits

Wax Sealing Kits

Wax Sealing Kits are the easiest way to make your own wax seals at home! 
But...Which Kit is best for you? Let us run through the benefits of each.

Wax Seal Beginner Kit 

The ultimate starter pack with all of the basic items to make wax 30-40 wax seals at home. Our Wax Seal Beginner Kit includes:
  • Wax Seal Stamp of your choice  (we have an option for a custom design wax seal stamp as well!)
  • 1x Jar of Sealing Wax Beads
  • Metal Melting Spoon
  • Wax Melt Burner

With this wax seal kit, you can create cards, wrap gifts, seal envelopes or invitations easily. Shop our Beginner Kit here.

Wax Seal Beginner Kit
Wax Seal Beginner Kits come in 2 options. Standard Beginner Kit & Custom Stamp Beginner Kit

Wax Seal Creator Kit

This kit is for those who want more to delve into more wax seal creativity and test out a bunch of ways to make wax seals. Our Wax Seal Creator Kit includes:

  • Wax Seal Stamp of your choice (we have an option for Creator Kit with Custom Wax Seal Stamp as well!)
  • 2x Jars of Sealing Wax Beads (to make 60-80 wax seals)
  • Wooden Handle Melting Spoon
  • Wax Melt Burner
  • Wax Seal Makers Mat (perfect for practicing!)
  • Adhesive Backings 60pk

Using your Wax Seal Maker's Mat, it's the best way to practice your wax seals. If you make a mistake, simply cut up your wax seal and re-melt it to try again!
Once you've made your perfect wax seal, add an adhesive backing to the reverse side and stick down to any paper surface.

Wax Seal Creator Kit

Watch how to do this here:



Wax Seal Bridal Kit

Are you getting Married!?

We've put together the perfect Wax Seal Bridal Kit for you that include everything you need to seal your invitations with beautiful Wax Seals.

Wax Seal Bridal Kit

This Wax Seal Kit includes:

  • Custom Wax Seal Stamp within our Stamp & Spoon Gift Set Box for safe storage
  • Gold Melting Spoon
  • 2x Jars of Sealing Wax (to make 60-80 Wax Seals)
  • Wax Melt Burner
  • Wax Seal Makers Mat
  • Adhesive Backings 60pk

Elevate your Invitations and Envelopes like this for your wedding!

Wedding Invitations with Wax Seals

Wax Seal Petal Kit

When it comes to making beautiful floral wax seals, you cannot go past this Wax Seal Petal Kit.

Included in this Wax Seal Kit is:

  • Blank Wax Seal Stamp (used to press florals into your wax seals)
  • 2x Jars of Frosted Sealing Wax Beads
  • 2x Jars of Dried Flower Petals
  • Fine Point Tweezers

Now you can start creating wax seals like this!

Wax Seal Petal Kit

Card and Tag Wax Seal Kit

Looking for a creative way to incorporate wax seals into your everyday?
This Card and Tag Wax Sealing Kit includes a bunch of DIY products for you to get creative and make your own Cards and Gift Tags at home.

This Kit includes:

  • Wax Seal Stamp of your choice
  • 2x Jars of Sealing Wax Beads (to make 60-80 Wax Seals)
  • 6x Blank premium A6 Greeting Cards
  • 6x Blank premium Envelopes
  • 12x Blank Gift Tags

Now you can start gift wrapping with Wax Seals just like this:

Wax Seal Card and Tag Kit
Wax Seal Gift Wrapping

 Wax Seal Workshops

If you would like a demonstration, book in to one of our Wax Seal Workshops that are held in our Eltham Studio!
Here we will teach you all of the basic techniques and you will get to use our full stamp and sealing wax range to decide on which ones are best for you to use on your projects at home.

Wax Seal Workshop

Book in a Wax Seal Workshop here.

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