Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Make it personal with a Custom Wax Seal Stamps

Black Custom wax Seal Stamps

 From Logos, to custom initials, we can create almost any design on a Wax Seal Stamp.

Custom Initial Wax Seal Stamps

If it's custom initials you're after, simply choose from the range of Template designs (in circle or oval shape!). If we don't have a style to suit you, you can either provide your design to us following the below file guideline steps, or select for us to create a custom design for you! 

Brand Logos

Most logos are able to be produced in to wax seal stamps. One thing to keep in mind is that small, fine text in logos can get lost. We suggest to bold up those fine fonts or designs to help!
Provided Designs: You can provide your design to us by following the below guidelines for us to create your stamp for you
Custom Designs: We will assist with editing your logo to ensure it is set up correctly for a Wax Seal Stamp. This may mean some tweaking, or re-creating if the file format isn't supplied in a way that we can use it. 

Custom Design, Pattern or Emblem

Yes, we can create a custom design Wax Seal Stamp especially for you! 
Had a phrase in mind, icon, or even an object that you would like on a wax seal stamp, then leave it to us.
It's best to always reach out to us via email first to ensure what you're asking for is achievable before placing your order.

File Set Up Guidelines

If you're supplying us with your own design, please ensure you're suppling the correct file for us to use. If your file needs to be edited by our design team, your order will fall under the 'Custom Design' option.

File Types: Please provide a PDF or JPEG file of your design
File Colours: Provide your design in Black & White only. Black will be the engraved area of your design, white will be left as the base of the stamp
We will then set up your design in our template and send back to you for approval

Wax Seal Beginner Kits - Custom Stamp
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We have the perfect Kit for if it's your first time Wax Sealing! Our Beginner Kit includes:

1x Custom Wax Seal Stamp
1x Wax Melt Burner
1x Metal Melting Spoon
1x Sealing Wax Jar - colour of your choice!

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