Wax Melt Burner - Rose Gold Ventilated


Wax Melt Burner - Rose Gold Ventilated
The perfect accessories to keep your hands free while the sealing wax is melting.
Simply add a tea light candle underneath, rest your spoon on top and watch the wax melt.

The pattern on the rose gold top helps with air ventilation within the burner.

Please read the safety instructions below before purchasing.

Spoon, Candle and Coaster not included.

How to make Wax Seals
Ready our easy step-by-step guide on how to make wax seals here


  • Wax beads should be kept away from children & pets
  • Wax Burner copper plate becomes very hot while using. Do not touch white in use.
  • Wax Spoons become very hot while using. Do not touch the heated end while in use.